45. Good, now that's out of the way.

I'm a Oslo based editor and photographer, with extensive experience in advertising and corporate films.

I edit, film and photograph for a very diverse set of clients. From big multinational companys to small up-and-coming bands. 

For me, it's not about the budget and scale, it's about telling the best story possible.


What i do

Whether you're in need of video or stills for your next conference, product launch, concert or wedding - i'll properbly be able to help you.

Most things contain stories worth telling - i'm here to help you.


My expertise is storytelling.

It's a phrase you'll hear from many a "mediaperson" - but, where there's smoke...

Some do it in writing, i do it in pictures.


Fully proficient in:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Photoshop

Using Format